I am Guneet and this is my mostly-personal-but-also-professional space online. I work at Sputznik, a web development and design firm in Delhi, India. I am a technologist / developer / designer myself. If I am not working, I am probably busy with one of my many disconnected interests (equally many curses be upon the internet!), more about me here. Around the interwebs, I also go by the name mr november.

This is a personal journal where I write notes, document ideas and post long-ish updates on things I am up to. Coupled with my mastodon feed on Fosstodon, where I have started to microblog, this is an attempt to reduce social network (read Twitter) performance pressures. To be more authentic in what I share and say in public, without taking up unnecessary space. Anyway, thanks for visiting!

  • Tabletop.js doesn’t work anymore

    A few of my projects stopped working recently because Google switched of its version 3 sheets API. I was using tabletop.js to parse data into JSONs.

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  • Garden Update 2

    Almost an year into active gardening, I am happy to report that nature has been friendly to my efforts in our backyard. Some plants didn't survive the winter but new one's have taken up space and are thriving right now. In spring I had started tomato from seed and it has grown to become the […]

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  • The web is not dead yet

    I was afraid that big tech and surveillance capitalism would kill the world wide web – I still am to be honest. What I mean is kill the “essence” of the web not the entire thing of course. There’s so much profit and market share and “potential” still to be sucked from users of the […]

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  • By Road

    I have had the opportunity and privilege to see a lot of India by road. I never thought I would get to do such long road trips, but it all became a reality 5 years ago when I drove from New Delhi to Bhutan!

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