Now that this website is public

I'll be documenting what's next for this website here. I make a lot of lists but never at the right place and right time - hopefully this will be a reference for some time to come!

I have been working sporadically on this website for about four months now. The pandemic had me good back in May – “what? this is just the beginning?” I frowned – so of course a personal website featured in the list of things-to-do until humankind got Sars-CoV2 under control. Well looks like we won’t have anything in control for a long time, because you know “humankind” is not a cohesive unit, it never was. And with the likes of Trump-Modi-Bolsanaro having so much power, things look grim. (Sorry, happy thoughts-happy thoughts!) Anyway so I took my time and here we are – a simple personal blog.

Some things I had in mind before making this site:

  • I really wanted to experiment with a different color scheme than the usual white/gray backgrounds with color pops here and there, that is so common (rightfully so, it is very useful)
  • I wanted an online space that is personal, and yet easy to share when people want to know me professionally
  • I thought I liked minimalism, but after some initial ideas, I realized I cannot force it on the design of the website
  • I did not want to please Google and the big social networks at all
  • I wanted this to be a home for as many things as possible from my life

Not everything has been achieved like I wanted to, but now that this website is public, I want to make sure I use it regularly and of course improve it often. Somethings that are in the pipeline:

  • Tags and categories for the blog so that I can better organize this and make things easier to discover
  • Improve accessibility – especially contrast
  • Maybe an alternate stylesheet for users uncomfortable with dark backgrounds
  • Deeper integration with the Indie Web
  • Migrate to a personal server
  • A git instance for personal code repositories that I want to make public, and an appointments scheduler

This is going to take sometime, but hopefully I will be able to track it as I go along. Excited nonetheless! I am also helping my partner make her website, let’s see when that is ready to be talked about 😀

Thoughts, suggestions?

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