Tabletop.js doesn’t work anymore

A few of my projects stopped working recently because Google switched of its version 3 sheets API. I was using tabletop.js to parse data into JSONs.

Google switched off its v3 sheets API, on which tabletop.js was based. So it doesn’t work at all with v4.

A few of my projects broke silently because of this. I mean, a part of the blame lies with me for using Google sheets, but in some situations it is unavoidable, especially when other people are involved whose devices are dominated by google.

Anyway, so tabletop.js used to parse a published google sheet into a nice and clean JSON object. I found an alternative for this today, called Papa Parse (?). Lol. See! It didn’t take a lot of time to get this going and it works pretty well. On your Google spreadsheet make sure to switch to CSV publishing instead of web HTML. The CSV file will be downloaded to the client each time by the way, so yeah, non sensitive/personal data only.


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