Hi! I am Guneet and I am a technologist from India. Professionally, I work at Sputznik, a web development and design firm, and sometimes as an independent consultant in the field of information technology. A majority of my work is at the intersection of communication and technology - helping organizations, groups and individuals understand technology, their particular requirements and how to go about fulfilling them efficiently and effectively.

I have worked with, and intentionally choose to work with, entities that are not large private corporations and businesses; most of my experience is therefore with non-profits, small and micro enterprises, non-government organizations, people's movements and campaigns, researchers and activists and sometimes (but rarely) lower-level governing bodies and authorities. Wherever possible, I prefer to collaborate with different entities rather than to "deliver" a service.



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There shall be flowers of blessings?

What I do

My work usually involves:

  • the world wide web - planning, designing and development of websites, platforms, information systems and architectures
  • data (including spatial data) - its collection, management, cleaning and visualization
  • user interface and experience design
  • project management and training


Skills and capabilities

Technologies and software that I use regularly include Linux (on personal computers and servers), Apache & Nginx, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, Leaflet, D3, bootstrap and other small scale libraries).

I have also used QGIS and R in some of my work, but I only have limited knowledge and experience in both. When I have free time I like to experiment with Open Street Map data, peer-to-peer web technologies, networking systems, Android and open hardware like RaspberryPi.


Experience and training

I started working professionally in 2008, while still pursuing a Bachelors's degree in Animation and Multimedia at BIT's Noida campus. I learnt several things while studying in college, but web development, design, computer science and information technology were not part of that experience. I have pursued these on my own beginning high school and continue to do so today.

Apart from working at Sputznik, I have been a consultant with Akvo Foundation and the 7th Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Institute (CREA) in the past. I am currently part of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, and Datameet and Hillhacks. For a more comprehensive list of my work, engagements and associations, you can request my resume via email.


Interests and aspirations

I love to use and contribute to free open source software, open data and open access. I have a keen interest in how these three intersect with current socioeconomic and geopolitical affairs around the world. I hope to see radical change in how internet (or digital information) access is organized and governed, especially through an anti-capitalist, anti-caste and anti-patriarchal process. This starts by acknowledging the privilege and power I have in various personal or professional situations and relationships. Among other things, my politics translates into my professional life through: making the world wide web easier and affordable to use; breaking down barriers to technological access such as knowledge obfuscation and gate-keeping; using and helping others use software tools that are open, secure, and respectful of personal information; creating and maintaining a healthy work environment for my colleagues and collaborators.

On a slightly personal note, when I am not working I like to play video games. Away from keyboard and screens, I am playing football or my guitar/ukulele. I have recently started gardening! I also love to travel - typical statement of an upper class man, yes I agree. It is true though - it's the only way I can try and get away from work. I enjoy traveling long distances by train and by road, visiting historical and cultural sites, and natural beauty. In recent years I have been able to do five, super long road trips that involved in three different countries.



If you'd like to work with me, share thoughts or ideas, or just say hello, please do get in touch here, I'd love to hear from you.