I am a weekly planner

Having tried many methods and tools for managing my time and tasks, I finally came back full circle to just planning life by the week.

Managing time is a complicated task. Probably for every adult in this world. I have it much easier than so many, so I do get a lot of opportunity to experiment with how I manage my work and my time. Turns out, after several years of trying many different methods and digital/analog tools, I am most comfortable with the easiest one of them of all: weekly planning. In fact I started with it a long time ago, taking cue from someone I worked with briefly very early in my career. But back then it didn’t work some reason and then I went on to experiment a lot.

Right now my setup is a Trello board with lists for each day of the week and a “ice bucket” list. Every weekend I try to plan the week ahead. The lowest unit of time is at least an hour for me, so every card on each list can represent an hour at the least. The board gives me an overview of the entire week and shift around cards as I go along. I also use the Nextcloud notes app with QOwnNotes alongside to manage things.

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