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  • Tabletop.js doesn’t work anymore

    By guneet on September 1st 2021

    A few of my projects stopped working recently because Google switched of its version 3 sheets API. I was using tabletop.js to parse data into JSONs.

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  • Garden Update 2

    By guneet on July 18th 2021

    Almost an year into active gardening, I am happy to report that nature has been friendly to my efforts in our backyard. Some plants didn’t survive the winter but new one’s have taken up space and are thriving right now. In spring I had started tomato from seed and it has grown to become the […]

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  • The web is not dead yet

    By guneet on June 24th 2021

    I was afraid that big tech and surveillance capitalism would kill the world wide web – I still am to be honest. What I mean is kill the “essence” of the web not the entire thing of course. There’s so much profit and market share and “potential” still to be sucked from users of the […]

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  • By Road

    By guneet on June 8th 2021

    I have had the opportunity and privilege to see a lot of India by road. I never thought I would get to do such long road trips, but it all became a reality 5 years ago when I drove from New Delhi to Bhutan!

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  • I never thought I would feel this feeling

    By guneet on April 24th 2021

    I don’t know if there’s a word for this. It’s the feeling you get when you are very far away from where you belong, and the people back there, friends, families, acquaintances, strangers you imagine when you close your eyes, they are all hurting and struggling and even dying. And you want to help but […]

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  • I am a weekly planner

    By guneet on January 9th 2021

    Having tried many methods and tools for managing my time and tasks, I finally came back full circle to just planning life by the week.

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  • Garden Update 1

    By guneet on December 18th 2020

    2020 is a strange year. I had not imagined getting an opportunity to do any sort of gardening anytime soon. But here we are – there is space, there is sun and there is time on hand. It started with mint and rosemary, and now the backyard is brimming with coriander, arugula, curry plant seedlings, […]

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  • Now that this website is public

    By guneet on October 21st 2020

    I’ll be documenting what’s next for this website here. I make a lot of lists but never at the right place and right time – hopefully this will be a reference for some time to come!

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  • Obsessed with Picrew

    By guneet on October 19th 2020

    Some months ago I found out about the avatar maker website Picrew. I do not know how to read Japanese, but that didn’t stop me from spending multiple hours trying to make avatars of myself! This website’s favicon is just one of the avatars that I made 🙂

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  • Saying goodbye to Flickr and hi to Chevereto

    By guneet on July 17th 2020

    Since the beginning of my photography hobby, I was using Flickr to share and manage albums worthy of public attention. Like many products, Flickr couldn’t stay afloat without charging its users. So I have said goodbye to it and have instead decided to use Chevereto. Still need some time to reorganize the pictures though.

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